3 bulbs black garlic

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Black garlic bulbs.
3 pieces
Each bulb is packed in plastic to avoid dehydration.

Black garlic is a natural seasoning bursting with healthy properties. Unique and soft taste, smooth in texture, that’s black garlic. The smell and taste of regular garlic has disappeared which result in a completely new ingredient. The taste is best described as: subtle hints of soy, balsamic and raisins. This makes black garlic an attractive delicacy.
In recent years, black garlic has been labeled as an indispensable ingredient in every kitchen in many cookbooks. Both because of the taste and because of the healthy properties.

Flavour enhancer
Black garlic is a natural flavor enhancer! It has a delicious umami flavor. Try a spoonful of black garlic paste in your sauce or soup and taste the difference!
A great alternative to E numbers.

100% natural
Black garlic is produced by means of a carefully controlled heating process of the regular white garlic to ferment it in several weeks. Except for a little warmth and care is nothing else added.

Research has shown that the amount of antioxidants almost doubles in black garlic compared to white garlic. Antioxidants are essential in the body for proper immune system function, however also preventing and repairing damage to our body cells. Black garlic has 198 units per gram of the antioxidants compared to 119 units per gram in regular garlic. Black garlic ensures that the natural defense system of body cells remains more than white garlic. Studies also indicate that substances such as polyphenols are better absorbed from black garlic than from white garlic.

Nutritional analysis per 100g:
Energie 184Kcal / 780Kj
Fats 0g
Of which saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 38g
Of which sugars 12g
Protein 8g
Fibres 3g
Salt 0,03g

Ingredient: black garlic


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