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Black garlic

Meet black garlic.
A natural seasoning with lots of healthy properties.

Unique and soft taste, smooth texture.
You can put something suprisingly new on your table with black garlic, add it to all of your recipes for a unique flavor.
You can taste the subtile hints of soy with balsamic and raisins.

It’s a unique addition to every vegetarian or vegan diet because of the healthy properties.

Black garlic is packed with lots antioxidants, polyphenols and aminoacids to give your body, mind and immunesystem a good boost!

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 100% natural

 Twice as healthy as white garlic*

 No garlic taste or smell, but still the healthy properties of garlic

 Durable packed in glass

Salmon with honey and black garlic glaze

Grilled salmon with a glaze of black garlic with soy and honey. Super simple, but very delicious!

Why is black garlic a natural explosion of flavors?

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